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BROOKWOOD BIOMEDICAL is a full service antibody development company in Birmingham, Alabama.  We offer a range of services including custom peptide design, custom monoclonal antibody and hybridoma development, custom polyclonal antibody development, antibody production, purification, conjugation, and assay design.

In addition to our custom services, we have a wide selection of high quality primary and secondary antibodies.  Our primary antibodies include anti-collagen, anti-apolipoprotein antibodies, fluorescent amplification, transcription factor antibodies, and anti-leptin antibodies.  We offer a number of different secondary antibodies including anti-monkey and anti-hamster.  All of our secondaries are affinity purified and are sold either unlabeled or labeled with Biotin, HRP, Alkaline Phosphatase, Phycoerytherin, Texas Red, FITC, TRITC, APC, or Agarose.   Also, F(ab') and F(ab')2 digests of all antibodies are available.

To place an order, please print or electronically fill out an order form and send to us, either via fax to 205.688.9110 or email electronically completed forms to  (See ordering section below for details.) For questions or quotes on custom services or bulk quantities of antibody products, please contact

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